Help even more children on the autism spectrum

When you join The Steps Challenge, you have contributed to helping more people understand autism better, and helping more underprivileged families with children on the spectrum receive the support they deserve through saigonchildren’s projects.

However, you can help even more by fundraising while doing The Steps Challenge. Fundraising is not as hard as you think, and you may even be surprised at how people are willing to give. You just need to ask!

Start by creating your own fundraising page with the button below. Then customise it, and share it with your network. We are here to help you on this fundraising journey, so if you need, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Tips to help you smash your fundraising goal

Show your commitment by making the first donation. This sets an example and motivates your friends to follow.

Share the link to your page on social media. Feel free to use the resources that we've prepared for you below.

Suggest a specific amount. It can be $10 or $50, totally up to you and how willing you think your friends are. Having a specific number makes it easier for donors to support too.

Message or call people who are closest to you. They will be happy to support you and their donations will set you on a good start.

Resources to help you spread the word

Social media visuals

Facebook frame

Facebook no longer supports changing frame on the site, so you can download the frame below to add to your picture. Or even easier, go to this link to add the frame to your photo in 10 seconds and then upload it as your Facebook profile pic.

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